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do you work on vanagons?...

We get this question a lot.  We know these vans very well, but we are a rental company,  not a full service repair shop.  The team spends the majority of their time maintaining our rental fleet, performing restorations, and building complete vans for sale. 




  1. 1988 Pastel White Vanagon Westfalia $32,500 more details sale pending

  2. 1987 Flash Silver Full Camper Westfalia 4 spd manual. -Full Outwesty build out. New paint, carpet, Gowesty 2300 Engine, new transmission, new cooling system, solar, Truckfridge and much more. $47,500 expected completion February 18

  3. 1987 Wolfram Gray full camper automatic. Automatic transmission. $29k + upgrades.

  4. 1987 Pastel White Full Camper Westfalia - Solar, Truckfridge, automatic. Beautiful van. $38,000

  5. 1985 Savannah Beige full camper. Gowesty 2300, new auto trans. new paint, solar, truckfridge. One of the cleanest there is. $37,900

  6. 1990 Westfalia Syncro 4x4 camper Fully restored. 200HP TDI Engine, every part of this van is new. $95,000

  7. 1991 Orly Blue TDI Westfalia. TDI Engine swap. contact for more details.


1)   1991 Pastel White 4x4 Syncro Westfalia - $63,500

2)  1986 Savannah Beige Full Camper Westy - $38,200

3) 1989 Titian Red Full Camper Westy - $37,500

4) 1987 Titian Red Wolfsburg weekender pop top $35,000



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