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Where are you located ?

Our actual address is 815 Almar Ave #16 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 but please note that we are located on the Ingalls st side of the building.    We were previously located in Tahoe City, CA


The classic Westfalia camper van is an easy to drive, compact machine, that is no bigger than your average mini-van. We offer vans with automatic transmissions, so practically anyone can drive them (Those 25 years or older).  Vans include 125 miles per day.  (this is averaged over the entire trip) ($0.75 a mile after that)  These vans are easily capable of cruising at 65 miles per hour on flat ground but you can expect to do 45-50 over mountain passes.  Vanagons provide a very smooth ride with their 4 wheel independent suspension. The cab forward, rear engine, rear wheel drive design creates a very unique, and comfortable driving experience.  These are not rocket-ships, but I promise you will learn to embrace the slower paced style of the VW Vanagon.  Westy living is so much more comfortable than tent camping, but you are still roughing it a bit. Westfalias do not have showers, or toilets so keep that in mind. A shovel is included.

Whats the minimum number of nights ?

4 nights in the off season and 5 nights in the high season.  Because of the labor intensive process of cleaning and maintaining the vans between renters it does not make sense for us to do shorter term rentals.


What kind of camping features do they have ?

The Vanagon Westfalia is the one of the most utilitarian vehicles on the planet. The vehicle is capable of sleeping 4 people. Two on the lower bed, and two in the pop up bunk area. (we recommend 2 adults and 2 kids) The pop top design allows for over 7 feet of standing room while cooking, dressing, etc. Storage is almost endless with a closet and 8 additional storage compartments. The van holds up to 14 gallons of water for the sink and is easily filled with any garden hose. The stove top unit runs off of propane which is filled prior to each trip. You do not need to worry about refilling this tank when returning the van. We will go over how to use anything you are unsure of before leaving. You can also contact us at any time during your trip with questions. We can often respond with picture or video texts.   For 2018, all vans now have their own refrigerators so you can leave the cooler behind.


Insurance coverage for the duration of your trip is purchased when booking and is mandatory. 


Because your significant other isn't going to be impressed with that. If you found your way here you are probably intrigued by these unique campers. These vans are highly sought after, and for very good reason. They camp like nothing else, and still fit in a regular parking space.  Sure, a large RV may have a toilet and a shower. but I can promise you'll have more fun driving, and camping in a VW.


  • All vans are equipped with iottie 2 cell phone mounts in them.  These fit standard size smart phones. 
  • Aux cord compatible sound controls.
  • Coffee Press, Forks, Knives, Spoons (4 of each)
  • Cups, bowls, plates (4 of each)
  • small box in kitchen contains (salt & pepper, season salt)
  • Bottom sheet for top or bottom bunks,  (many renters often use their own sleeping bags, but we can supply them, along with pillows)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Frying Pan, Pot, Colander
  • Small broom
  • Simple Green cleaning solution spray bottle
  • Biodegradable hand soap for sink use
  • Camping chairs (2) Let us know if you need more
  • 1 Roll of Paper Towel
  • Deck of cards
  • Small Shovel (for you know what)
  • If there is something you don't see that would make your trip more enjoyable let us know !

i'm thinking of buying one

Those seriously considering buying one, will sometimes rent a Westy to see how much they like it first.  Sorry but none of ours are for sale

Minimum trip length

5 nights is our minimum number of nights from April-Sept.  A 4 Day minimum the rest of the year.  Due to the immense time it takes to prepare these vans for a trip, it does not make sense for us to do shorter term rentals.

How many people fit ?

The Westfalia has 4 seat belts, and can sleep four (two on top bunk and two below)  Most of our renters are couples, but two adults and two kids works great as well.  We do not recommend four adults.



Once your trip is booked you can email or call to figure out the pick up arrangements.  San Jose is the closest airport, and generally less than a $50 uber ride away from our shop.  Show up at the airport (or drive) with a weeks worth of clothes, and you are ready to go.  Smile as you pass the car rental outfit, and the hotels, as you are about to have a room with a different view every single night.  We can store one vehicle per rental at our facility at no charge.  Return the van with a full tank of fuel, with the interior cleaned up and you are good to go. We will take care of the exterior washing, bedding cleaning, propane filling etc.  $100 is charged for excessively dirty vehicles.


Vans can go anywhere in the state of California, but no further at this time.  Please respect these vans and stick to the pavement. Washboard roads and rutted/rough roads are extremely hard on a vehicle. You will lose your entire security deposit with any evidence of hard core off-roading.  If you have itinerary that's great, if not, take a look at our destinations page and start planning!  125 miles per day are included.  You can drive all 750 miles with a 6 day booking, the first day if you wish, but you will be charged $0.65/mile after that.


If you haven't driven a manual since high school, please do not attempt to relearn this art on our vehicles. Basically, if your daily driver is not a manual, please rent the automatics.  Clutch and transmission repairs are very expensive.


Sorry but no vans are allowed to this festival. Playa dust has a way of working itself into every nook and cranny and is corrosive to metal and wiring.  $1800 is charged for vans that have any evidence of being out on the Playa.  Vans are GPS tracked.  Your rental will be recovered within hours of entering the festival without a refund.  We're not trying to be rude here, but we need to keep these classic vans nice for everyone.....It's not like we can just go out and buy another one and just toss it in the fleet....ya dig ? :)  It takes us about 6 months to get a van into rental condition.


Sorry but we can no longer allow dogs.  Interior components of these campers are no longer available and we must keep them nice for everyone.

How do i keep my food cold ?

Starting 2018 all of our vans have modern refrigerators that run off of the second battery bank.  No more stopping for ice every few days !.  


Westfalias do not come with auxiliary heaters, meaning that when they are not running, there is no heat.  Most renters bring their own 20 degree sleeping bag and it is more than enough. Please do not idle these vans for heat. This can result in overheating.

some van rentals are less expensive...

These late model Westfalias command a high price tag. A clean late model Westfalia can fetch anywhere from $25-50k, and even more for fully restored examples.  These are the nicest Westfalias you are going to find available for rent. Properly maintaining these as rental vehicles is a huge undertaking and expense. This rental fleet is irreplaceable. You are not renting a new minivan that gets crushed in eight years (average new car lifespan). I hope you will respect the immense time and effort it takes to make this endeavor even possible. I can't stress enough that you are renting a classic vehicle!  If you are looking to get somewhere at 75 MPH,  A/C blasting, with the kids watching movies on the headrests, the Westfalia is probably not what you are looking for.




These are some of the most well maintained westfalias you will find anywhere, but please keep in mind that you are renting a classic vehicle. If anything arises, all vans carry 24 hour roadside assistance if you get a flat, run out of fuel, need a tow, etc. We are all VW enthusiast and on call 24/7 whenever a renter is out a well. If anything comes up, immediately call us, and someone will be on the way, or getting help to you. When maintained and updated, the Vanagon is actually a very reliable machine, and you shouldn't worry. 

do you service vw's?

We do service on Vanagons on the side when time permits.  We are not a full service repair shop.  We are a registered / insured repair shop with the state of California. 


No, A/C in these was never that great/reliable to begin with, and robs much needed horsepower. Roll down the window, crack the vent window and enjoy the open road.  Sticking to the coast, or the mountains in June - Aug is a good idea, as the valleys can be extremely hot in the summer months.


Yes, The reason we moved our shop from Tahoe City to Santa Cruz is so we can operate all year long.  We do not allow travel into snowy areas.

Can I rent one for a wedding, commercial or photo shoot ?

Yes, we can accommodate this. Please contact us and let us know what you are thinking.

I'm not near Santa Cruz, but I want to rent a westfalia.

Fortunately, we are not the only ones that do this.  There are other awesome companies that rent and support these Westfalias. Please check out this link for other companies that offer Westfalia rentals.


Send a message through the contact page, and we will respond as quickly as possible





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